Case Studies – How to Find, Secure and be secured in finding a restaurant/catering/food preparation facility in Poland

Interested in renting a food / restaurant / catering / bar / cafe facility in Poland?

Market Specialisation – We have specialisation in the markets of Poznan and Warsaw but through our extensive partner network we can put you directly in touch with a preferred partner in most of the major cities in Poland.

MyTeam Group Advice on opening a restaurant in Poland

Period of time – First of all we need to establish how long for, whether you intend to lease/rent/buy the property…

Time Period – We recommend at least TWO months to introduce you to this process, get familiar with the options available – introduce you to the owners (meanwhile checking for you the conditions in the owner’s contract and explaining this to you in English) of these properties we feel would be suitable for this service…

We also familiarise you in English with all of the conditions necessary for Sanepid (Health Inspection), alcohol license, different levels involved, template for Sanepid requirements and regulations.

Service Cost – 3000 PLN (ex. VAT) for services mentioned above…

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Once the property is selected then we

– Translate the agreement
– Add/change/amend agreement to a point where it’s mutually acceptable by both parties

Service Cost – 2500 PLN net (ex. VAT) for Property selection and agreement translation service…

Company Setup – We can help you set up the right type of company for your needs either from scratch or if you already have an existing company we can provide you with essential information for these markets. The price you will pay will depend on a number of factors, type of company, number of employees – we will work hard to provide a specialised offer, tailored for you and the needs of your business.

Cost – POA

Accounting – We can run the accounting procedures for you, we have special expertise in running and administering restaurant, bar, cafe, catering facilities in Poland and provide you with this information summarised into English from Polish.

Cost – POA, on a monthly basis

Alcohol – For bars, restaurants and cafes wishing to sell ALCOHOL we train you how to prepare for the end of month accounting facilities, document preparation about alcohol inventory. We can also help you to get this license needed for selling alcohol in Poland.

Cost – POA, on a monthly basis

Currently, we have some really interesting and special properties, available for food preparation facilities, through our contacts, so don’t delay – please get in touch today